I created this little den of hedonism to showcase my audio drug of choice and the artists who push it. I'm sure it's no surprise, especially for those who really know me, that my tastes would gravitate toward the power and aggression of the Metal genre. For me, the music is therapeutic, a means to quell the rage and aggravation of day-to-day life, and I know from my experiences with others that I am not alone. The artists before you are but a sampling of the catalogue I possess and they were chosen because they embody the essence of what this site represents. Come see what fuels my inner fire....

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This months choice is a little outside the realm of what I normally recommend in that it is a bit more electronic than usual. That said, Spineshank still deliver the goods. The raw vocals compliment the heavy backing tracks, and although a lot of the songs are very similar, the blend is such that it all works together to produce a dependable burst of sonic opiate that will make your ears bleed.


Time Ticks Away
These Last Few Moments
Is There Anything
We've Left Unsaid?

I'm On A Quest
For Atonement
I've Got To Find Piece Of Mind
And A Place To Rest


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This section is dedicated to a few select bands that produce the type of music that fuels my creativity and represtents what this site is all about. These bands combine form and function to produce a marvel for both the ears and the eyes. Visit their realms for more about these adrenaline pushing artists, but be forewarned, they are not for everyone.